Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Looking for a reset not only for your body but mind as well?

Are you trying to heal a particular issue the natural way?

Wanting to fine tune?


You’ve come to the right place. The Whole30 may just be the thing you are looking for!


The Whole30 is 30 day experiment where we take typically problematic foods, remove them from your diet, and after 30 days systematically reintroduce so we can see what foods work for YOUR body!

The Whole30 targets mindsets, habits, and your relationship surrounding food. Aha moments are on the horizon and slave to the scale is no longer as we begin to change the way we view progress and celebrate together the victories that will be had!

Working with a Whole30 coach is a personalized experience that gives you support at your fingertips!

One on one coaching includes:

  • Welcome Kit with a copy of Whole30 Day by Day, various tools to make life easier on your Whole30, and a variety of compliant foods to kick-start your Whole30.
  • 1 week of prep. Our time together prepping for your Whole30 will include creating meal plans, grocery store strategies, step by step guides on getting your home ready for success, and much more!
  • Coaching support through your Whole30. Troubleshooting, accountability, encouragement, fresh and new recipes to avoid food boredom, self-care challenges, tips and tricks, dining out support, and the list goes on!
  • Reintroduction coaching. Wether you choose fast track or slow roll reintroduction you will have access to a coach who will navigate you through your first 10 days of reintroduction, help you create strategies that will work for your lifestyle as you head into food freedom.


I love tailoring my coaching to meet my clients needs!

On a budget? I’ve got you covered!

In a busy season of life and wanting to take on the Whole30? Been there!

Have no idea where to start in the grocery store? Let’s go together!


It’s 30 days. What do you have to lose?



Work with a Whole30 coach in a corporate or group setting! I have coached businesses, teams, and families through the Whole30 and would love to help you and your community thrive.


Whole30 Certified Coach Bree Shields