What is Strawberry Shields? Finding my space in the health/wellness, blogging, and entrepreneurial world!

Finding my voice has been hard and quite frankly made me a little uneasy as of late.

Am I a recipe creator? No. Do I teach fitness classes? No. Am I a blogger? Ummm I wasn’t planning on it but have found if to be a useful tool in sharing my knowledge! The things that I do know is that I am a girl with a love for travel, Whole30 and clean eating, Arizona, my dog, creativity, the military community, Disney, Jesus, and my husband (save the best for last right?!).

That’s a lot of avenues to talk about. Jack of all trades has been my style…FOREVER! However, insecurity crept in when I began putting my thoughts on paper and realized that the “streamlined” version of myself was not something I was familiar with. How would all of those subjects weave together to give my audience the things they could come to me for? If I talked about all of those things all of the time my message would be confusing. What exactly is she trying to accomplish here? What exactly is Strawberry Shields?

Good question. I’m learning too.

In the beginning I found myself writing in a style that was very cold, not fun, and kind of boring. THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF ME! I would consider myself childlike, opinionated, passionate, and adventurous! So why the heck is it not coming across that way? The answer I have come up with is:

It’s new.

I’ve never done this before (okay maybe a couple paragraphs on an Instagram post) and I keep writing and not publishing because I want my best work to be presented. However, I am choosing to post this because I believe that waiting for my best work will hold me back from creating such a thing.

I have to put myself out there. Repeatedly. I have to try different avenues, talk about different topics, and keep knocking on the doors and saying yes to all kinds of opportunities to find what it is that I like and don’t like. Most importantly I have to enjoy the ride. If the time comes that I no longer am I need to get out of the game (No, I’m not talking about uncomfortability. I am talking about this no longer being a passion or thing that serves me).

This journey is teaching me that I have to continuously show up, that I need to be a little exposed, and continue to create even when I question the impact of my content on my audience because then will I start to figure what I am and am NOT about.


As I write this now I realize in this moment that maybe it is not blogging I am being refined for but rather the art of showing up as me, owning it, being proud of what I bring and have brought to this world while being unapologetic about who I am created to be!


For now I will continue to publish informational (Top 5 reasons you should________) style blog posts (as those are my current passion) as I continue to learn, grow, and evolve!

Today, right now Strawberry Shields is a name I created to represent myself as a:

-Whole30 Certified Coach

-Connector of resources

-Veteran advocate

-Passionista of intentional living and health of mind, body, soul, and spirit

-Seeker of adventures and try(er) of the new


As time continues forward so will all things that encompass this brand. I am certain what you are seeing today is not the thing that will exist even 1 year from now (praise Jesus for that). So, thank you.

Thanks for being in the early stages with me. I desire to be both raw and unfiltered so that you may have authenticity while continuing to refine bits and pieces so that I may be effective.

Thank you for coming along for the ride, for prayer, good vibes, and love!

May you show up as the real you and allow yourself the permission to experience joy, appreciation, and admiration for who you are!

I leave you with a small snapshot of who I am.