The Whole30 Playlist

Yeah that’s right, I said playlist!

Something happens when a song speaks right to you and what you’re going through. A familiar friend who says “I get it. We are in this together” so here you have it friends:

A song for each day that relates to what you may be experiencing on your Whole30

  • 5 songs as you prep for your Whole30.
  • 30 songs to listen to during each day of your Whole30 and based on what you may be feeling (naturally inspired by the Whole30 Day by Day).
  • 10 songs that align with your fast track reintroduction.


I present to you: The Whole30 Playlist

The following is a breakdown of songs (and yes this is a pop playlist but do not worry more playlists will be created):


1. It’s My Life – Bon Jovi

Damn right it’s your life! Take it back and claim it! You’re prepping for your Whole30 and what better way to kick of your first day of prep than with some good old Bon Jovi! I dare you to play it in the kitchen and not have the urge to sing along.

2. Can’t Hold Us – Macklemore 

No they can’t! You are on your way and nothing is going to hold you back!

3. Strip Me – Natasha Bedingfield

At this point you may have been pushed slightly out of your comfort zone, you are practicing reading labels, meal prep and planning have taken place, and maybe even your first Whole30 grocery shopping trip. Do not stress my friend. It is new and it is a little overwhelming but YOU. CAN. DO. THIS.

4. Work – Rihanna

The brain loves a plan and you are just one day away from starting your Whole30. Get to work! Plan, prep, clean out those pantries, and just know lots of us are doing this same pre-work too!

5. Fight Song – Rachel Platten

The day before you start your Whole30. Your doing life on your terms and the fight in you is going to come in handy during this journey!



6. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye

Day 1 of your Whole30. You are feeling good, in control, and brushing through the day with ease! Today you are feeling like there ain’t no mountain you can’t handle!

7. Stronger – Kanye West

Day 2. You feel hung over, like you need a hug, and slightly hungry. Do not worry it wont kill you and it will make you stronger!

8. Wake Me Up – Avicii

Day 3. Tired? Yeah sorry I woke you. Also appropriate that Avicii sings “Wake me up when it’s all over.” Is this resonating yet?!

9. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

Day 4. We call this Kill All The Things and you certainly want to. Just a friendly reminder that you will survive.

10. Three Little Birds – Bob Marley 

Day 5. Today is a mixed bag. Ate a RX bar for breakfast? Forgot your lunch at home so made it work with food from the gas station? Stayed compliant? That’s what matters. Breathe and don’t worry about a thing.

*Personal favorite song. My husband plays this for me when I am stressed.

11. High Hopes – Panic At The Disco

Day 6. You are on the Whole30 rollercoaster but you may also be experiencing breakthrough. Hold on friends and continue to have “high hopes” because I PROMISE it does get better!

12. So Much More Than This – Grace VanderWaal

Day 7! Congratulations you are one week in. You may have experienced some stressors by now and question whether or not this experiment is really working.  Remember this is NOT a diet and it is so much more. You are doing great and things are in fact changing…for the better.

13. Fighter – Christina Aguilera

Day 8. I brought it back to good old Christina. You need this song because if I am not mistaken your sugar dragon is rearing its ugly head. You are a fighter! Good fighters are smart so avoid temptation and choose to go for a walk in the fresh air on your break (where donuts are not sitting and tempting you).

14. I Love It – Icona Pop

Day 9. You may feel like you are consumed by food recently and that all of your friends are beginning to question what this weird reset is all about. Who cares if they don’t get it? And so what if for 30 days you focus your attention more on your food? Your doing good things for yourself and your life, and that is certainly something to love!

15. Glorious – Macklemore

Day 10. Today and tomorrow you are most likely to quit.

I feel glorious, glorious
Got a chance to start again
I was born for this, born for this
It’s who I am, how could I forget?
I made it through the darkest part of the night
And now I see the sunrise
Now I feel glorious, glorious
I feel glorious, glorious

You’ve already made it through tough days. This is your time! This round of Whole30 is your chance to start again! DO NOT GIVE UP NOW!

16. Clearly – Grace VanderWaal 

Day 11. I said: DON’T QUIT! You are starting to see more clearly the silver lining, non-scale victories, and how this IS different from other things you have tried. In the days ahead there is more where that came from!

17. Dog Days Are Over – Florence + The Machine

Day 12. You didn’t quit! Thank you Jesus! Momentum is building and the dog days are behind you. Keep running towards those goals of yours! Do not forget that your newfound ability to make do hard things means you turn challenges into opportunities (or at least that’s what you are working on).

18. Ride – Twenty One Pilots 

Day 13. It’s a mixed bag and today you feel like you are just along for the ride! Remember you have more control than you think. Make adjustments if needed!

19. This Is Me – Keala Settle

Day 14. Two weeks in and maybe some Tiger Blood that makes you want to throw your hands in the air and say “This is me, look out cause here I come”. If this isn’t you still be proud of the steps you are taking towards better health. You are doing what most people don’t…you are choosing action and that matters!

20. Living on A Prayer – Bon Jovi

Day 15. Half way there. Okay the song may be slow to build because trust me once you get to the main chorus you will be singing right along and in praises that you are half way there.

21. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

Day 16. Dreaming about food? Shake it off!

22. Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen 

Day 17. Your Tiger Blood is starting to ramp up, your making enjoyable food, this isn’t the worst thing you’ve ever done, and dare we say you are enjoying this. Don’t worry we wont stop you now!

23. Feeling Good – Michael Bublé 

Day 18. Better sleep? Cheery morning? Feeling good? Play this on the way to work and you might find yourself walking in like a powerhouse!

24. What Do You Mean? – Justin Bieber

Day 19. Ummm bloating and making adjustments this late in the game…what do you mean? No worries. This can be normal. Your body is still healing and that takes time. Raw fruits and veggies can cause bloating and you may need some digestive help. See Whole30 – Is This Normal? for help with these issues.

25. Don’t Rain On My Parade – Barbra Streisand

Day 20. Oh you know you’ve got this Whole30 thing in the bag and nothing can rain on your parade! Keep holding your head high and finish strong my friend.

26. I’m Still Standing – Taron Egerton

Day 21. 3 weeks?! Okay, I see you! You may be thinking to yourself “I’m over this, this is stupid, and if I have to eat another egg I will punch a baby.” Simmer. Breathe. Remember: your still standing! Find the victories cause you have made it too far to turn back now.

27. Happy – Pharrell Williams

Day 22. I was worried about you yesterday but here you are as happy as can be. You are feeling motivated and inspired after doing some reflection yesterday and finding new ways to ramp up your Whole30. Job well done! You should be happy!

28. The Climb – Miley Cyrus

Day 23. Say it with me now: Growth Mindset! You may want to step on the scale but I urge you not to. We are creating new habits and beginning to listen to our bodies like never before. I know that it’s hard (especially if you feel like a slave to the scale like I was for many years) but I urge you to keep climbing on. Your journey is different this time, your mindset has changed, and we are creating a healthier you not only physically but emotionally and habitually as well!

29. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor 

Day 24. Get laser focused. Who do you want to be? What are those goals you want to achieve? Keep those in the forefront of your mind and remember why you started this journey in the first place. Boredom and cravings are NOT going to knock you out of this fight! Take today to learn more about Food Freedom and all it has in store for you!

30. Fresh Eyes – Andy Grammer 

Day 25. You’ve got fresh eyes and you are seeing new and healthy habits form right before you. YES!!! Remember that you are full committed to this process and you are less than one week away from finishing. I know and trust in your fresh perspective that you know whether or not you should extend your Whole30. If the answer is yes then make a game plan.

31. CAN’T STOP THE FEELING – Justin Timberlake

Day 26. TIGER BLOOD IS HERE! It is in full effect! WooHoo! We can’t and don’t want to stop the feeling.

32. Hall of Fame – The Script

Day 27. Some of you may be the leaders of health in your family, friend group, or among your coworkers and they are beginning to look towards you as an example of healthy living. Remember that you NEED to do reintroduction. You signed up for the Whole30 program which includes reintroduction. No one ever went to the hall of fame by quitting in the last round.

33. Survivor – Destiny’s Child

Day 28. You’re a survivor. You are not going to give up. You are not going to stop. You are going to work harder! Today is day 28 and not day 30…KEEP GOING.

34.  Sorry Not Sorry – Demi Lovato

Day 29. Feeling yourself? That is 100% okay! You are winning and feeling like a 10. Your slightly nervous about reintroduction but remember that you are not who you were when you started this journey.

35. Celebrate Good Times (Come On) – Funktown America

Day 30. You Did it! Time to celebrate and sing loud to this song! Make the people in the car next to you stare at your dance moves!



36. I Love Me – Meghan Trainor

Reintroducing a new food group. You are still feeling good, proud, and confident and rightfully so!

37. Titanium – David Guetta

Day 1 of 2 eating Whole30 in between reintroducing new food groups. Maybe some cravings flared up yesterday or you felt a little out of control. Remember that in fact you are in control and you are not throwing away everything you have learned with one day of reintroduction.

38. Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

Day 2 of 2 eating Whole30 in between reintroducing new food groups. Note all those non-scale victories you experienced while on the Whole30! You look and feel great!

39. Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself – Jess Glynne

Reintroducing a new food group. Look at the title of this song and do not be so hard on yourself. You have put in a lot of hard work over these past 38 days! Recommit today to finishing strong through your reintroduction and offer yourself grace as you begin to navigate Food Freedom.

40. The Beginning – RuPaul 

Day 1 of 2 eating Whole30 in between reintroducing new food groups. You are just starting out on your journey of cultivating your Food Freedom and what that looks like for you. This is just the beginning of a new journey where you experience food like never before! Great work!

41. Skyscraper – Demi Lovato 

Day 2 of 2 eating Whole30 in between reintroducing new food groups. Feeling a little shaky now that you have been off the Whole30 for a few days now? Does it feel like you are riding your bike with out training wheels and still figuring out the hang of it? That’s because you are and it is totally normal. It takes a while to find what works for you in your new-found Food Freedom. Keep staying connected to the Whole30 community and reminding yourself of all the amazing qualities you possess and how far you have come.

42. That’s What I Like – Bruno Mars 

Reintroducing a new food group. Have you notice your taste buds have changed? That’s because they have. What are some foods you are really “like” that you maybe weren’t a big fan of prior to the Whole30?

43. Please Don’t Go – Mike Posner 

Day 1 of 2 eating Whole30 in between reintroducing new food groups. Nervous that this will all disappear after reintroduction? If you could say something to the Whole30 would it be “please don’t go”? It doesn’t have to! The Whole30 is now a life long tool for you and you can revisit it any time things start to slip or you are feeling out of control! This community is now your community!

44. NO EXCUSES – Meghan Trainor 

Day 2 of 2 eating Whole30 in between reintroducing new food groups. Finish strong…NO EXCUSES! It is important to reintroduce using the methods the Whole30 has mapped out for you. Reintroduction is actually the whole point of the Whole30, we need to see what foods do and don’t work for your body and reintroduction is the way to do that. It is also important that you stick to the Whole30 for 2 days in between reintroducing new foods to give your body time to recover if you have reintroduced something that your body did not agree with.

45. Live Your Life – Rihanna

Last food group reintroduction. Be free little bird and live your life.