Well…you’ve made it! We’ve made it! I’ve made it!

It still takes me back a bit to write and create this. This thing that was only a dream about a year ago.  Roughly a year ago I was at my highest weight (loosing the same 10lbs only to find them again), sick and tired of being sick and tired, and wanting change but continuing to do the same old things. Radical change is typically what moves me forward (I have never been the gentle whisper or nudge type of girl. It is more of a violent shake that creates change in my life). I was confident in my ability to do a Whole30 but couldn’t remember the last time I had done anything consistently for 100 days other than the typical things a human does in order to function in society (breathe, eat, drink, wake up, etc.) and I certainly knew I never had worked on my health consistently for 100 days…EVER! So I settled on a Whole100 (a Whole30 for 100 days).

Deep inside I felt that if I could just get my health in control that other things I longed for would fall in line too.

People typically say that if you begin to positively improve certain areas of your life other areas will follow suit. It seemed true in my life and dreaming became a thing again. Somewhere along the road I stopped dreaming and got into the funk of accepting what was even if what was wasn’t great. Looking at this now the words that come to my mind are: gross and sad. I consider that description accurate as I had always been a dreamer thanks to my “only child” childhood and need for entertaining myself. I had been through a lot in years prior so maybe my hope had dwindled. Whatever the case may be the ability to create a life I loved was much more tangible than I was believing and my dreams where not that far-fetched. I could do this! You know…love the life I live but it would take consistency.

Where was I headed with this? Not sure exactly.

The point I believe I was trying to make was that I had dreamed of this moment, launching my own business, having a creative outlet…again, and letting all of me out! So the pure fact that my dreams have now become a reality leaves me a little awestruck. It makes me feel a little less afraid that all the things inside of me will stay trapped (a legitimate fear) and gives me hope that exposing my truest self will help/encourage/uplift/support/love those I come in contact with.

Simply put: the things that once felt asleep are now very much awake and the question I ask as of late is “What other possibilities exist?” I am appreciative of this life-giving year because I see old/true me showing up more frequently. I’ve missed you old friend. 

So what is it exactly that I am creating? To be honest I’m not quite sure but trust that it will evolve!

I am part:

Whole30 coach

Veteran spouse and advocate

Adventure seeker

Girl trying to embrace and own who she is to the fullest


Residence for Jesus (not only part of me…all of me)

And so much more…


Thank you for being here. Thank you for your love and support. Let’s see where this journey takes us because you know just as much as I do and I like it that way because I believe it keeps me open to opportunities and paths I would have never expected or taken in my own wildest fantasies.